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Tiffany kerney jailbird Wondering kowz Necklaces wrote: I wasn't aware that she was pregnant again?But i know that her mother and step father take care of her daughter but she does have that little boy with her while she over there at stevie's shooting that dope in her arm!Its all fun and games but she Tiffany UK Sale is gonna lose them kids!But i doubt she would straighten up then and the only person who gets hurt is those poor little children!I think it would be better if she got them took away from her if she can't do any better than shes doing now!Theres no telling what those kids have seen or witness while she had all those dope heads around them! For your information tiffany is not shooting drugs she has staightened her life up and if you are not around her then don't judge her our father that is in heaven is the only person we need to be judged by No i do not think people in prison should be able to solicit money on those sites.The prison supplies all prisoners with 3 hots and a cot, clothes and basic necessities(Toiletries, tampons, soap, ect)Let their family support them if they want extras or they can do with out. If i had it my way, every prison would be run how sheriff joe arpaio, of maricopa county arizona runs his. According to the kentucky department of corrections web site, her minimum out date is 05/06/2013, however it is ultimately up to the parole board as to when she gets out. She just recently got out of jail.I know for a fact she's been messing with an 80 year old man from somewhere in ms.What a skank bitch.She's pathetic n would be better off to go back to jail because that's where her drug head, thieving, scandalous ass belongs.She'll be back in before too long though.Y'all back her up some more.It's obvious you're all a bunch of ignorant hicks for thinking she's anything more than a dirty, nasty, trashy, pathetic, lowlife, no good, bitch.I cant wait to see her again.She'll be sorry she met me. I know she is planning on moving to somewhere in tennessee.She met aReally old man while she was in prison and startd writing him and sent him a pic of herself and everything.I think he is in his 80's.And this is no joke either.She says shes going to marry him and he sent her all kinds of money while she was in the big house.Yea shes gonna leave her kids behind and move to tn and prolly take this man for everything he's got.So everything these ppl said about her being nothing but a trashy thief is probably true.What woman in her 20's wants a man over 60 years her senior.Really?Can we have seen it done before.Anna nicole smith did is and got everything.Lmao.Shes a sad piece of work. Yeah i been in prison but it did me good im not the same person i used to b.These haters r my motivators.I been through alot and im workin on a better life.Ppl can talk shit all kowz day long but me im gonna remain good and solid as ever.Cant nobodys words get to me bc im better than i used to ever b.About me not havin my kids they were better off with my mom.Shes done one hell of a job takin care of them.I thank god every day for her raisin them.Im gonna soon get them back.Every thing takes time u know?Something ive learned is never judge anyone bc u never know what that person has been through or is goin through.



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