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Behind the curtain Warning spoilers today's big event is the veto ceremony where we will have if russell uses the veto on lydia or chima, and if he is doing, if jessie will follow the plan to backdoor braden and place him in the street.When big brother producers woke everyone up of waking time.The populars lay in bed for an extra half hour career seekers else uses the bathroom.It seems, your government played"Dangerous"Today to wake them up.Wake up calls are done by blasting music at home.Casey wonders to ronnie if the names of the songs mean anything tied to the game. Morning hours conversation is light and covers things like how tired everyone is, their bathroom habits and lydia desirous to give natalie a makeover today to make her look like a girl.She has been in sweatpants whole time thus far.Laura is still trying to cope going to the bathroom and tells casey that the doctor is coming to see her today.Casey asked her if she was conceived.When jessie and natalie start referfing to jeff.They feel they may need him later at the tables.Jessie had overheard a conversation between jeff and chima last night where jeff was talking about approaching him again to talk about the same issues he brought up while you're watching whole house last night.Jessie told natalie that when he asked chima precisely what she had talked to jeff about, she told him whatever he had overheard, so he fully trusts chima correct this. One-Half hour later, natalie and russell are speaking game in the storage room.They agree that braden needs to go recently, but hash out thinking about jordan leaving so jeff will have no one.Russell tells natalie that they need jeff and jordan together simply because need the numbers right now. Braden saw jordan's glasses and laughs about her"Ghetto"Vehicle maintenance tasks.They broke and the houseguests have no tape, she saran covered them. Laura is scattered about on the bathroom lounger with a pillow across her stomach complaining of pain while lydia, russell and kevin are cracking as well up in the spa room.They are making fun of chima's big lips and attempting to make their lips big while talking.They switch talk to braden trying to kiss lydia last week.Russell tells them that he did the same to laura.Lydia expires to ask laura and she denies it, proclaiming that he just hugs her too long and yanks her around.They talk about the odd things he does around the girls and russell says that he's trying to be"Rico suavey"And thinks he is a lady's man.Within lockdown, the live feeds are off as it's http://www.skillya.net/ the veto ceremony.Russell used the veto on lydia and jessie put braden up as her alternative nominee. Marriage ceremony veto ceremony, jessie tells the house he should have his own action figure.We are going into the diary room to film their post ceremony footage.Some of the houseguests go back outside as well as there's general chit chat and some game talk.Casey gives lydia advice and suggests she not be so open about her hands per hour.Jeff tells ronnie that he did tell anyone who ronnie was the leak about backdooring braden.Jordan is crying to michele in regards to veto ceremony because she was sure she was the one going up. Laura is with jordan and michele by the pool and they begin to share with you voting.Laura and jordan need braden to remain seated, but if he or she vote to evict chima, the entire house will be against them.Michele thinks everyone will identify.Laura wants to know who is working each side.Jordan feels someone is too. Everywhere else, jessie, natalie and russell are preparing to offering braden a fake deal.Jessie explains how they should be be careful about what they say so it does Air Jordan 6 not blow up into a major fight like last season. Also thinking is jeff, braden moreover casey.They might upset by lydia's actions, thinking her to have flipped on their team.Casey talked about"Everyone runs around like little roaches in here with ronnie following them, braden leaves the inventors and starts making his pitch to stay.He talks to ronnie and michele and claims things doesn't stay in teams forever.He says he loves to be here and that chima complains about just about everything.As michele is telling braden she aspects him, natalie walks in and braden has.Ronnie fills natalie in on their dialog with him.Right, jessie joins them and ronnie tells him about their talk with braden.Lydia starts revealing how braden tried to kiss her.Kevin tells russell and lydia that he wants braden out because braden has not tried to meet him because he is gay.If only kevin knew that braden's two acting credits involved him playing gay parts.Casey is also outside now and they speak about jeff and how he is playing the game, trying not to step on just about anybody's toes. Inside of, braden joins the kitchen group and tells them how glad he is to be the home.He gave up his apartment to come on the program and jordan tells him that he can't leave because he has no place to live. People start to maneuver and the talk is very general and nothing of note until russell tries to get information out of michele in the bathroom.He hints around that he wants someone to team up with and tries to get her opinions, but she does not supply him with anything.He seems she is shy, but she tells him that she is just not ready yet to share things this can include used against her in the game.Russell keeps hinting from the direction of them teaming up, but she says it is too early in the rooms.She is saved from further talk when laura and lydia come into bathroom. Training video recording:Russell needing to team with michele Russell leaves the girls in the bathroom and talks to kevin cooking.He tells kevin how annoyed he is at ronnie and wanted to know why kevin was defending jeff last week.Kevin said he was not assisting jeff, he just tried to spellout to everyone that jeff thinks what he is doing is right and all jeff wanted to do was explain himself.Kevin speaks about what he calls"The tuna defend"When jeff told jessie he did what he did as they wanted tuna.Lydia speaks about blushing in the diary room when they asked her who she liked.They discussion potential showmances.Kevin says three jordan/jeff, chima/russell and thus lydia/jessie.They decide individuals jeff out next week.Kevin confides to lydia that he was a jehovah watch, but is afraid others would panic if they knew.He doesn't want anyone to know because he is anti religious right now. Over the following two hours, they prepare dinner and talk about nothing.They have burgers and potatoes and it took two hours to create it.After dinner time, they all hang out in the backyard speaking about nothing.Ronnie, chima and michele are the only ones talking game career seekers else enjoys themselves. While lydia gives jessie a robotic work, michael the air nike jordans, jeff and braden have a long gossip about her near the pool table.They promise she has switched sides and messed up their game.They think jessie is employing her. Jessie and chima hang out in the hoh room and jessie reveals that he likes natalie prior to when natalie walks into the room.They start laughing because natalie walks in saying that ronnie is making certain himself to be the next to go.Jessie turns the spy cam on so they can watch ronnie look fever currently brewing and then peek outside.Within five or so short min, he is in the hoh room asking get the job done fish have been fed.Chima expresses"You don't love them damn fish, they all start laughing again.The four individuals trash jeff. Right on the outside of, kevin and lydia lay in the sleeping sack and casey joins them.Casey is disappointed with laura, but will not tell lydia the specific person he is talking about because she tells everyone everything.They demonstrate the cliques and alliances.They believe the offbeats and the athletes are in an alliance and might pick off the brains and the populars one by one.The experience turns to ronnie and how he is kissing up to jessie jordans shoes girls and talks game constantly. The nike jordans, jeff and braden are on the backyard couches trying to puzzle out how to keep braden in the game.Jordan thinks she gets ronnie's vote.They think kevin is afraid to approach them.Casey leaves the sleeping sack and joins this group. The group from the hoh room head downstairs with chima and jessie talking with the cooking and natalie and ronnie going outside.The backyard talk has turned to how you can get on other reality shows after big brother.They believe jeff may just be the bachelor.Through the entire to be on the amazing race, but it is sometimes complicated to get onto since it is the same network. Jessie and lydia end up in the hammock using lydia complaining about several people.She is upset that jordan cried when braden got put on store shelves, but did not cry to be with her.Jessie apologizes for settling her up.Lydia says that jeff is superficial and braden is fake and that casey is a grumpy man because he complains about having to listen to other's stories.



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