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European car Pandora Bracelets Sale radio tunes itself in to traffic reports European car radio tunes itself in to traffic reports The west german radio supplier, blaupunkt, has just begun marketing such a classy radio in new york city.Four local fm radio stations already broadcasting traffic information now come with the technology to trigger the automatic functions of the new radio.A blaupunkt spokesman says the company expects to have the automated radio information(Ari)System in ''at least 20 major city areas in the usa within the next two years.'' boston ma, Chi town, Philadelphia, Houston, Silicon valley, And the texas San Diego corridor are among the cities targeted. The ecu broadcast union selected blaupunkt to develop the radio 10 years ago to help untangle massive traffic snarls on european highways during the peak weeks of (free next day in-store delivery.) summer vacation.Helicopter traffic observers could see that most cars were traveling for a passing fancy roads while alternate routes were wide open.The problem was how to get the message to drivers paying little attention to vocals or the yammering of radio announcers. A better solution was a hybrid computer chip, built in each radio unit, that receives a subaudible tone broadcast message over existing local fm networks.Signs along major roads tell west german drivers what rail network to tune to in each area.As long as the radio unit is tuned to relevant station, even at low total, the Pandora Necklace Sale traffic or emergency messages will complete. Dean jerrod stettler, an official of the international consultative committee for radio mail messages in geneva, says the traffic references service, used up and down west germany, luxembourg, and europe, has got the best bargain.Withduring the last five years, almost 90 nought per cent of the fm radios in west german cars, he admits that, started to feature the ari technology.Bosch, blaupunkt's mom and dad firm, not to mention volkswagen, bmw, and mercedes benz representatives confirm this. Mister.Stettler says the receivers on the ecu market vary in price from $ 200 to $450.Japanese radio brand names including sony and pioneer also make the special car radios for european cars, by using hybrid computer chip under license from the german firm.To this point, only blaupunkt packages(Ranging from $160 to $450 in the us alone)Can be bought in the new york area.Additionally, a blaupunkt spokesman says both american and japanese sellers will be licensed to use the ari technology as the american market opens up.The station then transmits the subaudible tone and broadcasts its associated with traffic update three times each hour during rush hour and once each hour during normal hours, advising motorists of alternate routes or severe conditions. A blaupunkt spokesman says each radio station is allowed a 10 second tag message at the end of each broadcast, but the fcc which the station not abuse the ari system by broadcasting anything other than public service information.



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